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Cottage Hill Chiropractic

Dr. Jimy Louis

Cottage Hill Chiropractic

Dr. Cynthia Louis

Dr. Jimy Louis graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University in Marietta, Georgia. Afterward, he enrolled at Life University where he graduated Cum Laude after a 4-year intensive program as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Jimy Louis is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and for modalities. He is in the process of completing his master’s degree in Sport Health Science with a specialization in Chiropractic Sport Science.

Dr. Cynthia Louis graduated Cum Laude from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences from Ashford University degree. She is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and for modalities.

As Interns, Dr. Jimy and Cynthia Louis have worked with experienced Chiropractors delivering the highest quality of care for patients. Drs. Louis has over 700 clinic hours combined providing chiropractic services to the Life University’s athletes, the communities of Marietta, and Douglasville, Georgia. These experiences and instructions have prepared them to care for the wide variety of complaints their patients might suffer.

Dr. Jimy Louis was born and raised in Haiti. Dr. Cynthia Louis grew up in Brooklyn, New York and went to high school in Marietta, Georgia.  


The Louis’s have been married for over 12 years. They are a Christian family, with an eleven-year-old son named Chrysander and a six-year-old daughter named Ameerah.


With their passion for Chiropractic and after months of prayers, God led them to the fantastic and amazing community of Mobile to continue the good work that Dr. Michael Chenoweth has done at Cottage Hill Chiropractic for over three decades. The mission of Cottage Hill Chiropractic Center is to provide chiropractic care for prevention, relief, and restoration of health to allow optimal health and performance to people of all ages.

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