Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ Cottage Hill Chiropractic Team

What our patients are saying...

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Before I was treated by Dr. Chenoweth, I had no idea what was causing my sciatic nerve pain. I t was hard to walk or do any of the  things I loved to do. After I started the treatment, I am amble to be more active and get back into exercising. It has helped me minimize my pain to be more mobile. I am much happier now. -Amy K.


Aging Gracefully

I am thankful to go to Dr. Chenoweth. Keeping my spine aligned keeps me out of the doctor's office. My blood pressure is like a teenager and my health is like a 45-year-old. I definitely recommend Dr. Chenoweth as the best chiropractor in town! -John B.



I have had TMJ for the past two and a half years. My dentist made me an appliance and I had six weeks of physical therapy. It helped temporarily but my jaw never lined back up. I came to Dr. Mike and he has done ultrasound therapy and many adjustments for several weeks. It has made a huge difference in my bite. -Ruth C.


Car Accident

I came in after being involved in a car accident where I was rear-ended. Being new to the area, I didn't know of any chiropractors in the area. My co-worker referred me to Dr. Chenoweth after I told her of my constant back pain, knee pain, and headaches. After my first adjustment, I felt better and today I am feeling 90% better. I am able to continue activities that I couldn't do anymore after the accident. I have been cleared to work out, am able to attend yoga, able to swim, and able to stand for a longer period of time and even wear my heels again. I attribute my improvement to my chiropractic care! This has truly been a success! -Daphnee C.


Old Athletic Injuries

I have had really bad back problems from old football and rugby injuries. Coming here has reduced my pain ten fold. It was very rare that I would go a week without pain. But now it's very rare that I have pain. I cannot thank Dr. Mike enough. He has enable me to return to normal athletic activities. -Stephen A.


Back and Neck Pain

I came to Cottage Hill Chiropractic after years of discomfort in my back and neck pain. I honestly expected the usual quick adjustments to relieve the pain. What I have received is personalized attention and a treatment plan aimed at not only reducing my pain, but also rehabilitating the underlying problem to avoid future discomfort. I am a work in progress but I can gladly say that the staff is doing an amazing job and I look forward to seeing our progress continue. -Justis E.


Neck and Shoulder Pain

During an acute episode of neck and shoulder pain, a friend and nursing colleague referred me to Dr. Chenoweth. I was impressed by the thorough exam, diagnostic tests, and history that were done. All of the staff were professional and friendly. After reviewing the x-rays and history, a treatment plan was formulated and thoroughly explained including therapies, insurance coverage, and possible out of pocket expenses. After only a few adjustments, my pain and limited mobility subsided. I am ever grateful for the positive outcome and will follow the maintenance plan for continuing success. -Mary Ann G.


Multiple Diagnoses, One Solution

This is my story and a wonderful experience. If this was written by somebody else and I was reading it, my thoughts might be, "This is really embellished." However. this is a true story with no embellishments.

I first walked into Cottage Hill Chiropractic at the suggestion of my husband and son. The twinge of anxiety I felt immediately disappeared as the very warm and friendly staff (Doris, Amelia, and Dr. Michael Chenoweth) greeted me. I had never been to a chiropractor in my life nor had I ever seen any of the few x-rays taken of me over my 70+ years.


I hurt all over, suffered from chronic fatigue, hobbled when I walked, could only walk a very short distance before the pain in my right hip and fatigue forced me to stop, could not stand for any length of time. I was short of breath, constant headaches, shoulder aches, lower back pain, loss of hearing, a real problem swallowing, rashes, loss of grip in my left wrist, neck pain, etc. At times, it hurt when someone just touched me. The numerous problems began to appear gradually through the years following a serious automobile accident.


Diagnosis over the years: Arthritis of the neck, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, thyroid deficiency, depression, bursitis of the right hip, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, underactive thyroid, fibromyalgia, difficulty falling or staying asleep, anxiety problem, degeneration of the lumbar or lumbosacral intervertebral disc, obesity, GERDS, irritable bowel syndrome, less than 20/20 vision, 45% loss of hearing in right ear, leaky mitral heart valve, prescription drug-induced muscle disorder, colon polyp, a 3-4 blockage of the right carotid artery, UTI's, incontinence, a floating right kidney and malignant melanoma of face. Surgeries: tonsil/adenoids, hysterectomy, and gallbladder.


After paper work completion and consultation, numerous x-rays were taken. After Dr. Chenoweth studied my x-rays that night, we met the next day to discuss his findings. The x-rays portrayed quite a story. I was shocked to say the least and was not sure if I could cry or be happy. Being a find doctor, Dr. Chenoweth had previously explained the nerves and blood supply of the spine and how the different areas of the spine affected specific parts and organs of the body. My first question, "Did Jerry (my husband of 55+ years) see these?" I had not seen or spoken to Jerry since he had been in earlier for his visit. Thankfully he had and I did not have to tell him. Telling him was the hard part but since he knew and had seen the x-rays, I decided I was happy. Why should i be happy? There appeared to be an answer to all the years of pain, complaining, and immobility with related depression. "People must think I am a lazy hypochondriac," I began to wonder to myself. Now there was an answer.


Dr. Chenoweth had pointed to the different areas of damage: 3 pinched nerves, one in each the middle, upper, and lower back; a crooked neck; a twisted pelvis with the left hip lower and forward; several other problems I do not remember and there was the shocker... a broken C-1. A broken C-1? This is what kills people when hung by the neck. I survived by a tiny fraction. Dr. Chenoweth explained that we would have to approach this problem very, very carefully. I must keep something to drink available at all times even when eating just as snack. I am a survivor of an almost certain death that explained so many of my problems, complaints, and pain. I really had a hard time eating and swallowing but I had gone to a doctor many years ago and no problem was found?

Over time without even realizing it, you make changes... One day I no longer drank cokes. Then when nothing was available but a coke, I drank one and shortly knew why I had stopped. I developed urinary track pain and blood from the acid. Over time, I ate slower and slower, chewing and swallowing on only one side of my mouth. Sometimes I choked when things went down the wrong way. Now I knew why!


What a relief and what a doctor! Somebody really listened and really studied those x-rays. I had attributed my problems to old age and scar tissue along the side of my throat due to a childhood accident since a doctor had told me my swallowing was all right.

What an essay just to explain the next few sentences but totally necessary for you to understand. WHAT A DOCTOR, WHAT A STAFF, WHAT A SUCCESS!

The success does not end there. HERE IS THE FINAL BIG AMAZING SUCCESS! I under went one set of adjustments by Dr. Chenoweth... I GOT UP AND FELT LIKE A TOTALLY NEW TWENTY YEAR YOUNGER PERSON. Internally I felt aligned. I felt straighter, my feet seem to hit the floor more evenly, no wobbling walk, without headaches my head felt clearer, I breathed deeper and I could walk with no pain! NOW after two weeks (three visits per week) of adjustments by Dr. Chenoweth, unbelievable success... I chew and swallow on both sides of my mouth and throat. After years I actually felt the fizz of a carbonated drink in my nose (I can drink those now with no problem). One day I walked all over three Walmart's in succession with no wobbling and no hip pain. My digestive system seems to be correcting/returning to normal. I am losing weight! I am taller and my incontinence is gone. I FEEL GOOD... I REALLY FEEL GOOD AGAIN... I AM SO HAPPY...JERRY IS TOO AND SO IS DR. CHENOWETH, AMELIA, DORIS, MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. -Bettie S.