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"We Don't Say We are the Best, Our Patients Do!"

Lizzy G.

It took me 72 years to find out what was wrong with me. Dr. Mike took an x-ray of my spine. I found out that I had a broken spine that was now on my right side (I had a swimming accident when I was 19 and they treated the cut on my head with four stitches. Never checked my spine. This happened in the early '40s and I'm sure the spine was "overlooked.") So all of my aches and pains are creeping up on me (age 92) and Dr. Mike is easing the pain. My biggest mystery is--why in the hell of 72 years of x-rays for various problems this condition was not found!!! Thank you Dr. Mike.

Dodie W.

I have had back and neck problems for years. Since coming to Dr. Mike, I have felt so much better. Office staff and Dr. Mike are so genuine and helpful. I can't thank them enough.

Ruth C.

"I have had TMJ for the past two and a half years. My dentist made me an appliance and I had six weeks of physical therapy. It helped temporarily but my jaw never lined back up. I came to Dr. Mike and he has done ultrasound therapy and many adjustments for several weeks. It has made a huge difference in my bite."

Linda K.

"Cottage Hill Chiropractic has worked wonders. My back and hips are back in alignment and I feel much better. Dr. Chenoweth and his staff are wonderful and very easy to work with. A great experience."

Michael B.

"Very friendly staff and excellent chiropractic care from Dr. Mike Chenoweth."

Janet F.

Dr. Mike has made my back a much better feeling. No pain.